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    • During the payment procedure, please do not use the "Back" and "Forward" buttons of the browser.



Free standard shipping, for orders over €200.

For orders over €500 free shipping with DHL.   

For orders below €200,
Shipping cost is calculated according to delivery address, and  the preferred shipping method.




If paying via PayPal you will be directed to a PayPal screen at Checkout where you must enter your PayPal login details to complete the transaction.
PayPal, owned by eBay, is a global online payment system. PayPal is a convenient, easy-to-use, and secure way for individuals and businesses to send and receive money online for goods, services, charitable donations, and so forth. 

For additional info, please visit the PayPal website by clicking the logo below.


If the customer selects payment with credit card, the transaction will be managed by the PAYPAL secured server. The server uses SSL Protocol (Secure Socket Layer) - 128 bits. There the customer  provides credit card details (number, expiration date, CVC/CVV code) in order to complete the transaction. Customer is informed if the transaction was successful or not. If successful the amount is charged to the customer's credit balance; on the contrary, in case of failure, the customer is informed, and can repeat the process, using the same or a different credit card.

The whole process is simple, fast and safe.

Constantin Creations does not use, process or store any credit card details

CVC / CVV code is a three-figure number at the back of your credit card (at the right side). It is asked for advanced security reasons and it is almost impossible for someone to know them. 


If you prefer another way of payment for your order please contact us by email to customer_support@constantincreations.com  and we will let you know about the available options.


At Constantin Creations, we take security very seriously and make shopping online as safe as possible.

Your browser will go into secure mode as soon as you access the 'Checkout' or 'Log In' pages, i.e. before you enter any personal or payment details. You can check that you are shopping in a secure environment by looking for either a locked padlock, key icon in the grey bar at the bottom of your screen or by checking the web address of the page begins with 'https://'. 

Being in 'secure mode' means that all of your details are encrypted to help keep them secure. Encryption creates billions of code combinations to protect each transaction made on our site, so your card details cannot be viewed by anyone else using the internet.

We only accept orders that are placed using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This technology prevents you from inadvertently revealing personal information using an insecure connection. During payment, we also ask for your card billing address as an additional security check. New security checks, like the card security code, have recently been introduced to protect your card details online. 

No credit or debit card details are stored once your order has been processed. This is why you can save your favourite delivery address but need to enter your card details each time you order.

We recommend that you always sign out or close down your internet browser when you have finished shopping online, especially if you use a shared PC. This will delete temporary internet cookies from any sites that you may have visited.

If you have any further concerns about security, please email customer_support@constantincreations.com  



You may have seen in the press that some customers of banks and online businesses have been receiving fraudulent emails and/or pop-ups. These all have one thing in common: they request individuals to confirm their personal details, credit card details, or user name and password.

Constantin Creations may send you emails from time to time but we would never send an email asking for your personal or security information or login details, or direct you to a web page that asks for this information, unless you have requested this information from us.

If you receive an email that appears to be from Constantin Creations  that you suspect is fraudulent, do not click on any links contained within the email or provide any credit card or login details. Please forward a copy to customer_support@constantincreations.com  




We are committed to selling high quality products we hope you'll enjoy using, however we also know that there may be a time when you need to exchange or return something you've bought. We recommend that you keep your order number, which can be found on your order confirmation email, as you will need it as proof of purchase in the event of any after-sales queries.

Please read on for specific information about how to manage your return.

Our e-shop enables you to return back the products for any reason, that you are not obliged to make known to us. The return of the products should be done in 10 work days time, from the delivery date of your order. In order to accept the order back we demand the following:

I) The goods must be in the condition that they were when you received them. This means that that package must not be opened and the product must not be used.

II) Together with the product you must return all the documents. Moreover you must return the guarantee.

In case you wish to return the product that you have ordered please contact us customer_support@constantincreations.com and we will give you further instructions for the return.

If you decide to return the products that you have purchased you can select the way of arrangement. Our e-shop provides the following ways:
I) Refund of payment. The refund depends on the payment way that you have selected. The amount of money will be refunded to your credit card or PayPal account, or any other way customer prefer. The refund is done, once we receive the returned item, and within 10 work days.

II) New products Shipment. The new product may be the same or similar to the previous or you may select another product from our e-shop.
III) Repair of the products that you have returned.

Any return of the products is done, using the shipping service is more suitable to Constantin Creations and  the contact with us is essential prior to return. Please email to customer_support@constantincreations.com   and we will give you further instructions for the return.

Refund process will be completed within 10 work days from the date of returned product is received. Modifications during this period of time can be done only when you have selected a way of return money that requires more time (like repair of the product).

Constantin Creations, will pay shipping costs of the returned items when:
I) The product has been delivered damaged and/or
II) The product does not have the features as presented in our e-shop.
In any other case the customer will pay the shipping costs, to return the item.


Our Company has the right to modify the transaction terms. Our company has the responsibility to inform directly the contents of the text that refers to the transaction terms whenever a change is decided. Our e-shop follows the International and European Law for electronic commerce transaction as well as the Laws that refers to the Consumers Protection that regulates the issue of sales from distance.


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