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Mosaic amber, Worry beads set, made of selected natural amber small pieces.

Stok Durumu : Stokta var

Normal Fiyat : 130,00 €

Özel Fiyat: 100,00 €


Mosaic amber, Worry beads set, made of selected natural amber, with many natural colors combination: Yellow, White, Black, Beige.Small pieces of natural amber are used here and with an addition of special hard resin a mosaic Technique is used to create each bead from the smaller pieces giving to the set, a unique character. Individual polishing and drilling process for each bead. A complete set with 33 mosaic amber beads in symmetrical oval cut, head piece and dividing beads.Custom, hand made, silver tassel and parts. A medium size set with a multi color combination for very gently use or for a good display collection.

Ek Bilgi

Kod PR76
Ağırlık 27,0 gr.
Renk Çoklu renk
Malzeme Kehribar
Boncuk Miktarı 33
Bead size 9 x 13 mm.

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